Income Support

If you are thinking of separation, about to separate or have separated, you may need to apply for income support through Centrelink.

You may wish to talk to a social worker at Centrelink (13 17 94) to find out more about what support you may be able to receive.  To find out more click here.

In particular you may be eligible for a crisis payment, exemption for your participation requirements, and/or exemption from claiming Child Support.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be eligible for a particular payment type, the most common of which are:

Parenting Payment Single 13 61 50
NewStart Allowance
13 28 50
Disability Support Pension 13 27 17
Special Benefit 13 28 50
Youth Allowance 13 24 90

In addition, you may need to contact Centrelink to discuss your entitlement to Family Tax Benefit Part A and Family Tax Payment Part B (sometimes called Family Allowance). This can be paid in various ways and you may need to consider how this is paid to you post-separation. For example, if you are eligible but not receiving these payments fortnightly you may be able to arrange this by contacting Centrelink.

Services to assist you in dealing with Centrelink

Welfare Rights Centre 8223 1338

Legal Services Commission’s Advice Section 8463 3555

Speak another language?
Visit Centrelink’s We Speak Your Language webpage or contact the Centrelink Multilingual Call on 13 12 02.

Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander women
Visit Centrelink’s Indigenous Australian’s webpage or contact their Indigenous Call Centre on 13 63 80.