Other police and criminal justice assistance

Reporting to Police
If you would like to make a report to police about your experience of violence, you can contact your local police station.  Some metropolitan police stations have their own Family Violence Investigation Sections.  Once a report is completed, you can ask for the Police Incident Report Number (this can be very useful to if you are involved in legal process such as family law which require you to provide evidence of the violence you have experienced).

Reporting child abuse
You can talk to a social worker at the Child Abuse Report Line 3 14 78 (24 hours).

Police Standbys (Breaches of the Peace)
If you leave your home without all your belongings, you can return with police assistance to retrieve these safely. This is known as a police standby or breach of the peace.  To do this you need to call 131 444 to arrange for a patrol car to meet you nearby to where you wish to attend, and then police will escort you to the premises so you can retrieve your belongings safely.

Criminal charges
If criminal charges are laid and you wish to access information about their progress through the court system, you can contact:

Magistrates Court Call Centre on 8240 2444 (for matters in the Magistrates Court)
Criminal Registry on 8204 0289 (for matters in the District or Supreme Courts)

Victims Register
The Victim Service Unit in the Department for Correctional Services maintains a Victim Register.  Registered victims are entitled to information about the offender if he is in prison, if he is serving a Community Service Order or a Bond.  To find out more, including how to apply, click here.

Victims of Crime Compensation
If you have been a victim of a crime, you may be eligible to apply for Victims of Crime Compensation.  To find out more about this, visit the website of the Commissioner of Victims Rights.