Criminal Justice System

There are various ways the criminal justice system responds to domestic violence.

Intervention Orders
This is an order by a court (or an interim order issued by police) t that prohibits the person abusing you to continue to harrass, threaten or use violence against you.  Commonly such an order will prohibit that person from contacting or approaching you.  To find out more about these and how you can apply for one, click here.

Police assistance and criminal charges
Police are responsible to help you if you are in danger.  They can attend your property to provide assistance to keep you and your children safe.  You may have experienced violence that has not involved police but you can still report this if you wish. As certain elements of domestic violence are criminal acts (eg physical assault, rape and sexual assault, property damage, deprivation of liberty, stalking, breaching intervention orders) they may lay charges against the abuser.  Police can also support you to retrieve personal belongings if you have fled your home.  To find out more about reporting to police, proceeding with criminal charges and other services for victims of crime, click here.

To find out more about the criminal justice system and domestic violence, access the manual entitled Understandings of the Criminal Justice System and Domestic Violence.  The compilation of this was funded by the South Australian government and involved both government and non-government agencies.  Its aim is to enhance criminal justice outcomes for women who have experienced domestic violence.