Safety Planning

domestic violence awareness

When you are experiencing domestic violence, the safety of you and your children is the most important factor. You will need to trust your instincts, as you will know your partner better than anyone else. You may be wondering about what to do: to stay or to leave.  Often other people will tell you that you must leave but only you can make that decision.  This is really difficult so you may wish to consider taking some time out away from your partner to give you some space to work out what you would like to do.

You may find you have to leave urgently and it is useful to be prepared so that if or when this times come you already have a plan in place. Once you have left, it is useful to have an ongoing plan in case the abuser tries to find you. If you decide to stay, you can plan how to maximise the safety of yourself and your children.  These are called safety plans and they help you to consider your options in reducing risk, as well as help you to gain a better sense of control over the situation.

Today’s technology can make it easier for the abuser to find you so it is also important to plan for this.

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